Variegated and coloured foliage plants

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Variegted plants

I m not sure why green is still so popular , but on the other hand I too would not be without green , it is a great back drop to variegated plants and , think if there was no green some of the variegated plants we love would not look the same, so green is good , but variegated plants are more fun,, so much colour can be archived , from even a small group of plants, that need not be in flower, many people have walked in to my garden and said what a lot of colour, how pretty, yet hardly any flowers , after I have got over that minute of pride, I start to think how I can add to this colour , more variegated plant of course, there great even the darkest shade can be brighten with these great plants, even dry shade, there’s always ivy , some may say boring ,but then I not think they have seen some of the beautiful variegated ones that are readily available, and if you look a little harder then o my there’s even more great foliage ivy's to chose from, if you are lucky enoughto have slightly more damp shade , then there’s hostas glorier , and that’s only one type of plant so shade is no problem for these lovely plants , nor is semi shade, or full sun ,they are great plants , and so many new ones are coming on to the market , but then don’t forget the old plants out there, some are great plants and new is not allways better.

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