Variegated and coloured foliage plants

Try them you never know

Have you found or breed a new plant

many new plants are found by amateurs not just professional nursery man and women they can appear as sports all so called mutation where a plant takes on a different characteristics like double flowers or a shoot with variegated foliage ,these different shoots are then rooted if possible ,once rooted it should be kept an eye on to see if it is stable meaning that it keeps the new characteristic you chose this shoot for e.g. its variegation, if it dose you may have new plant

if you feel you have found a plant that’s different and garden worthy ,then you could contact a plant market agent to see if or she thinks it also good enough of mass production and a pvr which stand for plant variety rights, which means that no one else can grow this plant without a paying you a royalty, you wont get rich but it should help,









            Coming soon to variegated plants 

on this page photos and articles about newly found foliage plants


Many more photos of variegated plants can be found at are sister site theres not enough room for all the photos just on one site